Where we ate, Seminyak

Our few days in Seminyak were spent sunbathing, drinking and eating.

There are so many amazing places to grab food in Seminyak, we, of course did not have enough time to visit them all, but luckily we visited some special spots which I will introduce to you over my next few posts.

Double Six Hotel

With its rooftop bar, amazing cocktails and suave saloon style, this restaurant and bar are a little bit irresistible – if a little pricey for the area.

Before we had dinner, we enjoyed cocktails at the wonderful roof top bar, each hand crafted by the delightful barman who also played a few card tricks.

The menu was rather fancy surf’n’turf and the portions were sufficiently large – perfect for my four man dates.

I enjoyed delicious prawns and the boys all opted for steaks – feeling a lack of red meat –  we shared side dishes including truffle macaroni, mushy peas and garden veg.


Our one night there impressed me sufficiently that I would recommend it as a place to stay or at least drop-by for drinks or dinner if visiting Seminyak – pretty lush looking huh?

Source: Our Deal

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