Old Man’s

For a chilled evening – following several hours spent at Finns – we headed to Old Man’s Restaurant, which is actually in Canggu, just a short and cheap taxi ride from Seminyak – unless you get taken for ride.

The boys really wanted to head to Old Man’s as once a week it hosts a mighty beer pong contest. For readers that are not familiar with beer pong, here is my understanding of the game:

Players are split into two teams. Each standing either end of the table. There are typically ten cups on each side of the table set out in a 1, 2, 3, 4 formation with the point facing inwards. Each cup is half-filled with beer.

A player from each team takes a shot to bounce a ping pong ball into one of the opposing team’s cup. If you get the ball into the cup of the opposing team one of the players from that team has to drink the contents of the cup and then the cup is removed from the table. The team who looses all their cups looses the game. There are some other rules around how far away you stand from the table etc. I mean, who really cares.

The game can get frightfully competitive – with some dirty tactics thrown in – and generally ends with some blurry-eyed competitors. At Old Man’s it was no different – just on quite a large scale.


Old Man’s however is rather more famously known – at least on Instagram anyway – for its blue backdrop for that perfect shot.

Oh yes and there was some eating, well after our teams particularly disappointing effort in the beer pong tournament – some rather lovely chilean girls may have been a little too distracting for the boys – we had to soak up that beer.

We snacked on dishes including pad thai and quesadillas. Admittedly, a rather random mix but the food was quick, cheap and tasty. Ideal.

After all of that, we burnt some calories sweating away in the Indonesian humidity on the dance floor with some lovely Brazilians chaps that we meet during our beer-pong failure.

A game that is truly worldwide.

Back home in London, there are some great establishments where you can play a little beer pong, if it takes your fancy. Get some friends together and head down to Bounce (Farringdon, Old Street and apparently in Chicago, USA).

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