Mexicola, Seminyak

Our last evening spot in Seminyak was Motel Mexicola. The party place du jour.

On the recommendation of friends we booked a few days in advance for a 9pm seating – thankfully – as when we arrived we were told there was a waiting list of around 2 hours for  dining. That did not stop the revellers spending their “waiting” time on the dance floor.

The 9pm reservation meant that the party had already started. We were ushered to our table by a hostess wearing a rather vintage ensemble and all waiters looked fabulous in what I would describe as Hawaiian shirts – Mexican shirts?

We drank plenty of cocktails and too much tequila – hence the poor quality of my photos.


Munched on fresh guac, tacos and quesadillas.

The party at Motel Mexicola was in full swing with everyone up on the dance floor and tables. The DJ was impeccable – banger after banger – James and I took pride of place at our bar stool seating people watching all the party-goers, chatting to some very friendly Aussies and playing drinking games.

Definitely worth it.

Thank you to the web, here are some other pictures to give you a better idea of the fabulous venue.


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