Coffee Morning, Ubud

Our hotel kindly organised for James & I to take a little organised day trip. In preparation, we woke early and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at La View Restaurant at our hotel.

We were promptly picked up and driven outside central Ubud towards Mount Batur. There was a brief stop for a drop of coffee, a rather special kind of coffee, in fact the most expensive coffees in the world.

First of all, we learnt about the process of making coffee and had a little tasting session, including tasting raw cocoa beans (below), sweet on the outside but bitter if you take a bite.








James & I tried the Kopi Luwak coffee that was specially brewed for us. The coffee beans are fed to the animals who then poop them out. The beans are then cleaned, ground and brewed. It was good coffee, but I think I’ll stick to more ethical coffees.


Walking through the grounds at the coffee plantation we observed all of the fruit plants in their natural habitat – including pineapples – did you know they grow from the floor? We certainly didn’t – should we be embarrassed?


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