Spicy Squash Soup

In the aftermath of Halloween, the markets in Brussels were full of vendors trying to flog unwanted pumpkin and squash. The veg “du jour” for October is apparently over and out by November but certainly still in good health.

With a chill in the air and the unfortunate occurrence of a cold, I decided to make spicy squash soup and then some more and then a little more.


1 White Onion – diced

1 Butternut Squash – diced into approx 1inch cubes

1 glove of garlic – crushed

2 red chilis – sliced *I also the seeds*

Chicken stock – 1 Litre *top tip: use two cubes*

Single Cream – 150 ml

A splash of Olive Oil

A splash of Tabasco

A twist of Salt & Pepper

Method to my madness:

Once all ingredients are prepped, add the olive oil to your pan (I choose one large deep pan to cook the whole lot) and bring to a high heat, add the onion and garlic until the onion starts to turn translucent, add the chilis, butternut squash, salt and pepper. Slightly reduce the heat. Allow the Squash to soften then add the stock (& Tabasco *optional*) and simmer for 15-20 mins. Until the Squash is soft. Add the cream and leave for 5 mins.

Place all ingredients in Blender. Once smooth and creamy, return to pan and heat through what you want to eat then. Remainders can be eaten the following day or frozen. Remember to fully thaw.

Sprinkle with a little Salt & Pepper and some chilli flakes if you fancy & serve.


If you fancy, you can make the same soup with pumpkin instead of additional to Squash – just add Pumpkin where the recipe says squash. If using a whole pumpkin, I suggest doubling the quantities of the other ingredients.

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