Introducing Terry

Every year at the beginning of December, I would join my mum and stepdad in the search for the perfect Fred – our family Christmas Tree. Even though we spent very few Christmas’ mornings in front of Fred, he was a staple in our family home. Lighting up the festive season and making home even cosier for when I returned from school or University.

Mum was always in charge of decorating Fred, whilst I was allowed to place my baubles on the tree, I’d notice a little later they’d been shifted to wherever she thought they’d look better. Fred is my family tree and I look forward to going home soon and seeing him standing tall in our hallway.

This year though is different. James & I bought our first Christmas Tree together – Terry – and I got to decorate him all on my own (yes, I was so glad that James wanted to come home to the finished product).

We woke early last Friday to pick him up together before work. Unfortunately, when we got home, we broke the base. James had to dash to a meeting so I popped back to the shop to get a new base. Terry stood proudly in the new base for four hours until I started to add the lights when, whoosh, he fell on top of me. In an effort not to be beaten, I *kindly* dragged Terry outside, chopped his trunk a little and hammered on the base. He hasn’t moved an inch since.

Once alight, it was time to decorate.

And even a few homemade decorations – pine cones, twigs and some little bows to add a little jazz.

Despite our efforts, we haven’t found a tree topper that we both love so for the time being, we’ve placed a glittery gold top hat – somewhat apt.

I’ll keep you updated as to whether we find the perfect topper this year – maybe in the January sales.

For now, Terry stands proudly in our living area, brightening up our home in Belgium and reminding us daily it’s almost time to go home and be with our friends and family for our favourite time of the year.

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