My Homemade Decorations

I briefly mentioned in my last blog post that I added some homemade decorations to my tree. I thought I’d give you a little close up of what I made. Plus they were technically free.

Pine Cones

Collect in the wild or purchase on Amazon.

I collected these pine cones in bushy park when I was home recently. When I originally picked them they were all closed up, so I let them grow by placing them on a radiator for a few days. I then used fabric glue to connect the ribbon for the loop and then added ribbon to make the bow.


Twig Stars

Using five similar sized twigs, lay out in star shape and connect using wire and ribbon. I picked up the twigs on a recent walk in the Ardennes and I collected the beaded wire and ribbons from last year’s christmas crackers. Add a ribbon loop to the top of the star and tie onto the tree.


Wine Cork Christmas Tree

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been collecting corks – November was a social month – with the intention of making some christmas tree decoration. There are just so many inspiring ideas on Pinterest. Going to keep collecting as there are some other ideas I want.

To make the tree, dab some fabric glue on the end of your cork and sprinkle in glitter. Allow to dry. Once dry, use the fabric glue to connect the corks into a tree formation. Tie “tree corks” with ribbon and knot at the top. They use two corks and glue to create a tree trunk. Tie to tree with bow.


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