Greek Feat

It’s hard to believe I am telling you about this place, Brussels best kept secret, you can’t even find it on the internet – google won’t help you – that is until now.

Found at Onderrichtsstraat 5/Rue de l’Enseignement 5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium:

Santorini Pita Grill: Greek ‘N’ Quick

Delicious and extremely affordable Greek food in the heart of Brussels. It’s a must go for those living in Brussels or if you just fancy something light and fresh (the polar opposite of heavy Belgian food).

This little establishment is run by the wonderfully kind Dimitris, yes, all by himself and he serves up all the scrumptious treats.



From the menu, I can recommend the following: the Meze, Zucchini’s Dream (Courgette to the Brits), Chicken Souvlaki and of course, the Greek Salad – which must have a secret ingredient – it’s so unbelievably amazing, I’ve probably eaten more of Dimitris’ Greek Salad than anything else this past month, even more than Nachos.

 If you pop along, don’t forget to order some delicious crisp white wine – from Crete – just ask Dimitris.

Don’t forget to share this little secret with those in Brussels.

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