A night at the Backyard Cinema

A few nights ago, I was treated by my best friend Lauren to a wonderful night at the Backyard Cinema at Lost World & Winter Night Garden in London.

I hadn’t heard of it before – I was totally *Clueless*.

Just  a short distance from Elephant & Castle tube station (on the Northern & Bakerloo lines), the Backyard Cinema is hidden behind big iron gates and among an array of pop up bars and restaurants – that you can visit before your movie or just because.

You just have to find the right door and step in.


Follow the path…


and take your seat.


Inside, the Cinema’s Bar sells an array of soft and alcoholic drinks as well as some sweet and savoury snacks. I advise you get your drinks before you sit down, the seats are so low and comfy it’s quite an effort to get back up. All twenty-somethings plus agreed.


You can enter the Cinema about an hour and a half before your movie starts. The seats are first come first served so you want to be early. The whole room is magically decorated with fairy lights, ferns and inspiring quotes – quite beautiful enough to chill in and chat while you wait for your movie to start.


Currently, all upcoming shows are sold out but you can head over to their website to keep updated on what’s next.


I couldn’t think of a more apt quote for me, especially in my current state as an expat in Brussels.

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  1. This looks amazing! I hope I manage to get some tkts in the future.

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  2. Giulia says:

    I’m so jealous – I’ve always wanted to go but never managed to get tickets!


    1. It was brilliant. Just keep checking their website and hopefully you’ll get some soon. Thank you for reading 🙂

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      1. Giulia says:

        I will do 🙂 keep up the good writing!

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