Let’s Bark

To clarify, I am talking about dogs barking. My dogs to be precise, my lovely poodles, Ruby, Lady and Duffy.


They really bark – not squeaking little yappy barking – loud deep barks.

They bark when I wake up at the prospect of their day ahead. It’s rather simple, they’re excited so they bark.

They bark in the car the whole journey to the woods. They bark when they arrive and are let loose from their leads. They bark at and with new doggy friends they meet on their trip. They bark when they arrive home because they love home and cannot wait to get into the warmth and be fed.

They bark as they’re being fed in sheer happiness.

They bark whenever we come home. They’re at peace that their family has returned home. They love us unconditionally. Their bark is excitement and is also afectionate.

My dogs also bark at our neighbour’s cat, when a bird is in their garden, when the postman drops by and they go mental when the doorbell rings. This is guard dog bark. It’s a different bark. They’re sending out a signal. This is our home and we are the protectors.

Of course, their bark can be irritating but I have started to see its beauty and wanted to share this with you all. My thought was simple, shouldn’t I be barking too?

I don’t mean literally barking out loud but I have the same reasons to bark in the morning and all-day, to be positive about my day ahead.

When I wake up, I should be barking. Whether it’s barking for something as small and simple as eating or for spending time with my family and friends. The happy excited bark. Additionally, I should have the protective bark too. Making sure I am strong, confident, and safe.

Perhaps this analogy is completely bonkers to you but to me, I am delighted at the thought of my day ahead thanks to this small reminder to find my bark and make sure it’s working properly.

I’ve got that Monday feeling this morning, it’s back to the grindstone today after a wonderful Christmas, New Year Party and trip to Hungary. I’ll admit yesterday I was feeling a little anxious about my ever-growing to do list. As I woke this morning, I checked in with the exciting things I have to look forward to today: making myself a delicious coffee with my Nespresso machine, using my new shampoo and catching up with a friend. I am barking.

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  1. jenniesisler says:

    No it makes sense to me. Dogs have it all figured out. I should bark over a cup of Kona coffee (best I’ve ever had) or when I have unexpected downtime with my husband (he works for a football team so it’s always nice to have extra time together). Barking is just expressing joy in the little things – you make sense to me. Then again I’m a poodle person too

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. It was lovely to read your message & I hope you are barking lots. Have a wonderful week.


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