The Holocaust Memorial Centre, Budapest

After checking into our hotel and having a spot of lunch, we took a short taxi ride to the Holocaust Memorial Centre.

We had planned on doing plenty of walking whilst in Budapest as I believe it is the best way to see a city but with such cold temperatures (b/w -9°C and -14°C in the City) and a bone-chilling wind, we ended up cabbing almost everywhere. The good news is that the taxis are pretty affordable. We generally took a taxi for any journey longer than a 10/15min walk. On average our taxis cost between 2000 HUF and 3000 HUF, which is less than £10/€10.

I’d really recommend visiting the Holocaust Memorial Centre. It is packed with information – in English and Hungarian – and provides a great insight into the history of Hungary during the 1900s.

I saw online that it takes approximately 2-3 hours to visit the museum in total. In truth, you can spend as little or as long as you want there, it really depends on how much you want to learn and absorb. On the day we visited the audio headsets were not working but that did not matter as there was so much interactive information throughout the museum. In total, we spent just over two hours exploring the museum.


When we arrived, we quickly looked around the outside of the museum before running inside and hiding from the weather.

Throughout the museum, you can read and listen to stories about individual Hungarians, their journey, their suffering and their life.

My favourite part of the museum was viewing the memorial chairs and reading about those remembered.



*I would not recommend the museum for very young children because of the harrowing images and video content.

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