Macesz Bistro, Budapest

Before I go away, I always ask friends for their recommendations on places to eat and things to do in that City.

In anticipation of our trip to Hungary, I asked our dear fellow expat friends in Brussels – who adore Budapest – for their top tips. One of their recommendations was Macesz Bistro in the old Jewish district of Budapest (in the Pest side town). This restaurant instantly appealed to me as it serves a mix of traditional Hungarian and Jewish cuisines – I love trying traditional dishes – and because of it’s close proximity to our hotel.

It’s nothing fancy – just pop along and enjoy – we did.


Totally unassuming with cute cosy interior.



And onto the best bit, the food, which was perfectly paired with wine recommendations from our waiter.

To start, goose foie gras pate with pistachio, served with mango chutney.


 & goat cheese croquet served with beetroot.


For main, roast lamb with potatoes, green onion and jus.


& breast of chicken supreme served with potato stew.


The food was impeccable.

Cheers to a fantastic recommendation – don’t forget to add it to your must visit list.


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