Cirkusz Cafe, Budapest

Cirkusz Café is must-stop for a hearty brunch before heading out to visit this fantastic city. According to my friends, they make the best eggs, so really it was obligatory that we visited.


Situated on Dob utica 25, the Café is hidden inside a rather unassuming yellow painted building. Inside, it is *on trend* with its decor, iron chairs and wooden tables.

The menu is egg-ceptional with every style of egg I’ve ever heard of and pretty much anything you could want for brunch.


I choose the Turkish Eggs (top right photo bellow) and James went for the English Breakfast – so adventurous.

Absolutely delicious.

Big warning though, if you choose to have the Turkish Eggs like I did, they are jam-packed with garlic, a taste and scent that we all know lingers. To be honest, I couldn’t have cared less, they were far too scrummmmmmy.

A pit-stop here for brunch was the perfect way to fill our bellies and keep us warm from one of the harshest winters Budapest has seen – you may have seen the Danube even froze.

After brunch, we headed out into Budapest to visit the sights and we even managed to enjoy an afternoon at Gellért Baths – the perfect way to warm us up considering we were brutally chilled to the bone.

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