Coffee Stops, Brussels

Is there anything better than pausing for a quick coffee?

Taking just a few minutes out of your day and sitting still, sipping. Alone or with others. Whether at home, at the office or in a café, for me, a coffee stop, is a real treat.

Back in London, coffee for me was all about go-go-go: en route to work; when travelling to and from meetings; and making a quick cup when I returned back to my desk. I never stopped to enjoy it.

Since being in Brussels, I have noticed how people stop for their coffee. It’s far less on the go. You don’t see commuters running all over the city with their cardboard cups. They’re more likely to stop, drop into a café, just for ten minutes or so and then they go-go-go.

What’s also clear is that a lot of “baristas” in London don’t see the skill in it, the beauty and the importance of the task at hand –  I appologise to those baristas who know what they are doing (in my opinion, most of these heroes can be found at any Nero and Pret) – but in Brussels, making coffee is a skill & a cherished one.

Here are some of my top spots to enjoy a coffee in Ixelles, Brussels. Oh, and they all have free wifi *pronounced “wee fee”*.


This heavenly little spot serves up a range of pretty little Portuguese pastries to accompany your coffee. The perfect combo of bitter and sweet.

Found At:  Charleroise Steenweg 196, 1060 Brussels


CUP 28

A cute and cosy café that is also the perfect stop for a morning pastry or lunch. I’m only sorry I didn’t find this place in the summer as it has a wicked garden.

Found At: Rue du Bailli 34, 1000 Brussels


Belga & Co.

 This spot is all about the coffee. You’ll never get a burnt cup here. The coffee is freshly roasted in Antwerp – you can even buy it online and brew it at home.

The garden – in good weather at least – is the perfect combo of cool and sunny. Enjoy with a deliciously chilled drip iced coffee. In my opinion, this is the only place in Brussels that serves drinkable iced coffee.

Found At: Rue du Bailli 7, 1000 Brussels


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ida says:

    I will be in Brussels in a week for a very short break. I will make sure I “stop” for coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You must, I really recommend all of these spots 🙂


  2. chloeskye12 says:

    Hi there, thanks for liking my post on Chlohemian :)! I am a huge coffee fanatic so when I finally make it to Brussels, I’ll definitely follow the trail of coffee beans you’ve laid out.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your message ! X


  3. I noticed the same thing in Paris when I lived there: locals stop for their coffee, they don’t take it to go. A great lesson to be learned! 😊 I love sitting still for a delicious latte or cappuccino, it’s almost meditative!

    Liked by 1 person

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