Brunch in Brussels No.6

I am terrribly sorry, I should have shared the details of this spot forever ago when I first discovered it.

The truth is, when my food arrives, I eat it immediately and any thoughts of taking a snap evaporate. So I’ve had nothing to substantiate my post with.

Peck 20

Famous for their super bowls and their perfectly poached eggs. I mean every time, just right. How do they do it?

The room has a relaxed feel, no reservations, just turn up and chill out. Order coffee, some juice and whatever feast you fancy.


My favourite order is the Kevin Bacon Toasted Sandwich: bacon, guacamole and cheddar cheese on Sourdough bread. Served with a cup of hot soup. Perfect for dunking.

Other Peck 20 treats include, the veggie breakfast and their homemade savoury waffles served with poached eggs.

Last but not least, the menu hosts a wide range of egg entered dishes, like my favourite, eggs benedict. Mmm dreamy.

Found At: Rue Jourdan 20, 1060 Saint-Gilles

Open: all week (a miracle in this town)

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