Hey February

Can you believe it is already February?

January went so fast for me; I think it was the endless travelling.

London > Budapest > Szentes, Hungary > Brussels > Engelberg, Switzerland > Brussels > London.

Very busy 31 days.

Now it’s time for February and a bit of a life change. I’ve moved back to London, my expatriation in Brussels has come to an end, well sort-of. Monday to Friday, I’ll be in London. I’ve secured a fantastic job and it is just the right place for me to be for my career. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in Brussels most weekends; I’ve left my love there. I am not too bothered though; I think we’ve got it nailed.

Seven years together, and over a year living together, we’re back to living between two cities. You can check out my post about it long distance love.

My move and new job all happened rather fast. On Monday, I was packing in Brussels, on Tuesday, I travelled to London and on Wednesday, I started my new job. This weekend, I’m unpacking and relaxing. James has stayed in Brussels to chill out and enjoy some time with the guys. Life moves very fast especially when you’re are between two cities, so we need our rest.



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