Quality Time Together

As you know, our life together is back to being…

…half the time.

The best time, is Friday, when we are reunited.

This weekend, James came to London and lucky for me, he lost his mobile en route, which meant he was stranded and stuck with just me for the whole weekend *cue cackle*.

In truth, time together is about quality not quantity. I think this is true of all types of relationships, it’s about how you spend your time. I found in Brussels, time together during the week was functional. As I am sure those in working couples will appreciate, you both return home late from work, scoff down some dinner – maybe run some errands – and snooze on the sofa before sleep and repeat. The weekends were our time together, whatever we were doing.

I guess being apart, you just skip out the mid-week nights together and focus on the quality weekends. I can safely say, we spent our first weekend back in a long distance relationship making sure that is true. Nights in, good food (too many sweet treats), long walks with the dogs and plenty of sofa time.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to pull on your glad rags and have a night out on the town but it is equally important to have time at home together just enjoying each other’s company and relaxing.

On Sunday, we even managed to squeeze in a little pre-valentine’s time. Then, he headed back to Brussels leaving me with all the chocolates – yup, they’re all gone.

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