Valentine’s Day

Boo hoo to all the Valentine’s Day haters, I love Valentine’s Day whether I am single or not. It’s a great day to tell everyone that you love them and that you are grateful for them being in your life.

I understand those who say, why do I need a day to tell the person I love that I love them. However, for some, telling the person they love that they love them does not come naturally or easily. Some men or women are not as a expressive with their feelings. Valentine’s Day provides an easy outlet and ensures their loved one feel loved.

Valentine’s Day is what you make of it.

I personally spend the whole day wishing everyone a Happy Valentines: the lovely people in the coffee shop, the train conductor, my colleagues and sending messages of love to my nearest and dearest.

In the seven years we have been together, James and I have only celebrated – in the more traditional sense – Valentine’s Day once. In fact, we’ve only been together on Valentine’s Day twice, the perils of a Long Distance Relationship. For our first Valentines, I was still a student and he was working in London. On our second Valentine’s Day, I had an early morning exam, he met me at Waterloo Station with a Travelcard *how romantic* and whisked me off to Pétrus – I know what a lucky girl. For our third, fourth and fifth we were apart and last year, in classic expat style – we were travelling.

This year, we were apart again. At the weekend, James and I had a little pre-valentines time together whilst he was here. We would have spent that together anyway but it was nice to exchange our Valentine’s cards.

So on Valentine’s Day, I was treated to a home cooked meal by special friends are staying with us. They cooked me up a real treat, I was totally spoilt. First, of course, we started with some bubbles *naturally*.


Followed by scrummy spicy scallops

Then, with Brussels in mind, mussels and chips *yum*


The mussels were cooked in a cider based sauce and covered in parsley.



To finish, Nigella’s Lemon Meringue Fool –  like a lemony eton mess – perfect for cleansing our palettes and satisfying our sweet tooth. Just dreamy.

Andrea’s homemade meringue – she’s literally a genius – they were soft and chewy.




It was a wonderful Valentine’s Day & I felt truly loved.

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