Rugbyman No.Two, Brussels

It’s all about mussels in Brussels.

In February last year, full of excitement, I first blogged about moules frites. Truly, mussels are one of my favourite dishes, so the prospect of a year of eating the “best” mussels was exciting.

Whenever we have friends visiting Brussels, I actively encourage that we go for mussels. The big question is, where to go – I always want to try somewhere new and there are so many places in the centre of town offering big bowls of moules and platters of fresh seafood.

Since living in Brussels, I have always been intrigued by the bright lights of the seafood restaurants scattered down Quai aux Briques. So one evening, James and I trotted down to Rugbyman No.Two and got stuck in. Literally, it was shellfish after all.


With our bibs of course.


For me, mussels, obviously, it is the theme of this post after all. This time cooked in coriandre, ail, crème & persil plat (i.e. coriander, garlic, cream and flat parsley. They were *mmm*.


Of all the seafood restaurants on Quai aux Briques, I picked Rugbyman No.Two after reading a bunch of TripAdvisor reviews. I mean, at first, we thought we thought we should avoid anything named “Rugbyman” and if we were going to go to a “Rugbyman”, surely it should be Rugbyman No.One. Our decision was confirmed when we noticed that it was the busiest restaurant on the street, which is generally a good indicator of a top restaurant.

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  1. ohhh I love this restaurant! and Mussels are the best! Great post!

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