Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the UK is this Sunday. Yes, that’s this Sunday for those have forgotten. In Belgium, this year Mother’s Day is on 14 May and the same in the U.S., so no stress for those overseas, you’ve got plenty of time. Isn’t it strange that there are different days for Mothering Sunday. Apparently, the…

Beauty Update – Moisturiser

My Mother has always worked in the beauty industry, which has meant endless supplies of beauty products and being forced to start a strict cleansing and moisturising routine in my early teens – I know I can’t complain. Through watching and listening to my mum, I have learnt lots of little beauty tips and tricks, which…

Semmering, Austria

Lately, I’ve had lots of requests for my top Vienna tips. Reading through my recommendations, I am reminded of some of the wonderfully happy times James & I shared in Austria while he was living there. As I say to anyone visiting Vienna this time of year, you could always go skiing for the day. Honestly, it’s so easy….

Adjusting to LDR

A few weeks ago, I did not even know “LDR” was shorthand for Long Distance Relationship. A little follow of the hashtag and I realised there is a huge online community of people sharing their experiences of their LDR through social media. Coming across this community made me realise that we are not alone, there…

Sunshine Blogger Award

I was delighted – and extremely grateful – to receive a Sunshine Blogger Award from thehappiestpixel last week – you must check out her lovely blog. Similar to the Liebster Award, which I received back in December, the Sunshine Blogger Award is awarded blogger to blogger. I love the sense of community and encouragement connected with blogger awards….