Semmering, Austria

Lately, I’ve had lots of requests for my top Vienna tips. Reading through my recommendations, I am reminded of some of the wonderfully happy times James & I shared in Austria while he was living there.

As I say to anyone visiting Vienna this time of year, you could always go skiing for the day. Honestly, it’s so easy. One hour by car or you can pop on a train (same length of time).

As it’s so close to the city, it’s pretty low down, so check the snow before you go.

James and I loved trotting off to Semmering for a day of skiing. We’d put on our ski gear, chuck our boots & skis in the car and go. You can pick up a pass, hire some kit and go. Personally, I’d recommend taking a half day or a three-hour pass if you’re there for one day as it’s a very small resort and if you’re an experienced skier, you’ll get bored of going up and down after a while. Mind you, if you get bored, you can climb up the watch tower on the top of the piste and take in the magnificent view.


I love hitting the slopes, whether it’s for three-hours or a week long trip and I was lucky to find a soul mate to enjoy the snow with… no, not James, my Stöckli skis (ok & James too). I bought them over twelve years ago, after persuading the shop owner to sell them to me at the end of the season. Ski technology has moved on since and they aren’t great off piste, but I am not ready to part with them just yet. Plus they match my outfit.


There are lots of places on piste to stop for a coffee or food, there is even a bar which gets quite busy for après-ski – who’d believe it in such a small resort.

After a little feast and re-fuel, it’s time to finish off wiggling down the slopes.


It’s definitely a resort for one day of skiing. A great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday if you’re based in Vienna, and if you’re just visiting it’s the perfect day trip.


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