Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day in the UK is this Sunday. Yes, that’s this Sunday for those have forgotten.

In Belgium, this year Mother’s Day is on 14 May and the same in the U.S., so no stress for those overseas, you’ve got plenty of time. Isn’t it strange that there are different days for Mothering Sunday. Apparently, the tradition for Mother’s Day in the UK to fall three weeks before Easter Sunday was from the tradition to give servants a day to return home and visit their mothers, as typically they would not have much time off to visit them during the rest of the year.

Whatever the tradition, old or new, I am a big supporter of Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day alike), it’s a little like Valentine’s Day, it’s nice to have a day to make sure you tell your mother, grandmother, and any mother that they are loved and appreciated.

This year, I will not be spending Mother’s Day with my Mum. I know, it’s terrible however, we have had a chance to celebrate early, perhaps our celebrations will give you some last-minute inspiration for this Sunday.

Last Sunday, I gave mum her ‘early’ mother’s day card and gift (a pendant for her Monica Vinader necklace), before going for a family lunch, and on Tuesday evening, I took my mum to the cinema, where we enjoyed a *cheat night* indulging on pizza and chips whilst watching Beauty & the Beast – perfect Mother/Daughter time. Oh, and I may have one or two little extra treats, but I cannot post them here yet, as she will probably read this.

On International Women’s Day, I shared the below photo of my mum on my Instagram Page and I want to “repost” it here, in honour of Mother’s Day too, to share my love and admiration for my mother.


On this empowering day, I choose to share with you this photo of my mother enjoying a well deserved gluwein. I can assure you, she drives me up the wall but what my mum has achieved in her career was pioneering and I’d hate that to be forgotten by anyone. My mother became the most celebrated female hairdresser in the UK (and from Scotland), she broke into the highest level of hairdressing, which was male dominated FYI, ran her own successful salon, attracted celebrity clients, has numerous magazine covers under her belt and fought to get paid just as much as those men. She is not “just a hairdresser” she is a pioneer for women in hairdressing from the bottom to the top. She shows us that you can have it all, a successful career and a family. Nailed it.

Arn’t I a lucky girl?





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