Hausen an der Wurm & Weil der Stadt, Germany

As a child, I  loved going on holiday, but I hated the hideously long car journeys many of them started and ended with. I dreaded (and detested) sitting in the back of the car for hours and hours (‘an eternity’ in the words of a five year old me). I would spend the entire duration of the long car journeys protesting about how and when I was an adult, I would fly or take the train and never drive. In reality, many of my holidays as an adult have started and ended with a lengthy car journey – there goes that childhood ambition. Of course, our use of the car to travel is influenced by living on the continent. It’s rather easy just to wake up, jump in the car and drive. We get to skip out crossing the English Channel (and the cost of it), which is a major plus.

On reflection, I think sitting in the front of the car makes all of the difference, well that’s what I tell my inner child. The front seat is definitely more comfortable, you get to control the music, the audiobook, the heating and you get the best view.

James and I are very get up and go, so the driving part of the journey suits our personalities but we are very easily bored therefore we rely on many forms of in-car entertainment and sweets to keep us content.

As co-pilot – James does the majority of driving – it falls to me to ensure our long car journeys are entertaining. This requires some pre-thought: downloading audio books and preparing games.

For our journey to Austria, James and I decided we wanted a little adventure, we agreed that we would break our eight-hour journey into two halves: 4 hrs – lunch – 4 hrs. Shortly after four hours in the car, we peeled off the motorway and headed down to Hausen an der Wurm & Weil der Stadt in Germany. We stopped at a beautiful little bridge in the village centre and popped over to a local hotel for spot of lunch. Lucky for us, the clouds cleared and we sat on the terrace, watching the water fall down the river and soaking in some sun.




We ate deliciously traditional German food for lunch before heading back to hit the road. Silly me, I didn’t take any photos of the yummy food. Truth be told though, it may have been tasty but it wasn’t very pretty.

I wanted to share this post as it may inspire you to add a little adventure to your next long car journey.

Audiobook: 11/22/63, Stephen King {EPIC}

Games: Marks & Spencer’s Trivia Cards

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