Ski Trip Beauty Essentials

I cannot wait to tell you about our recent Ski trip to Austria – the last of the Season – as James & I had the most relaxing time together in the mountains.

Packing to go skiing however, is not a simple task – there is just so much that you need to take with you and for me, this includes all the various beauty products that I “have to have” with me. I thought I’d share with you some of my “must-haves” for any ski trip that I would not normally have in my everyday washbag – also because some of them have to be some of the best products I’ve tried in a while.

1 – Bath Oil

One of my favourite parts of any ski trip is soaking in the bath with a good book at the end of the day. A good bath oil is essential, something soothing and relaxing. This year, I used the Olverum Bath Oil, mainly because of its perfect travel size bottles. Each bottle contains enough oil for 3 baths and they are deceivingly powerful. The correct dose for one bath gently filled the bathroom air with its light and fresh fragrance, and mixed in with the water, the oil graceful coats your skin and lures you into a perfect state of relaxation – heaven.


2 – Sun Protection for Face & Lips

Even if it doesn’t look that sunny on the slopes, it is vital you protect your skin from the sun. After all, you’re much closer to the sun up there in the mountains. In truth, you are at a high risk of sunburn in the mountains as the snow reflects the sun’s UV rays, which make it twice as powerful. So protect yourself – nobody wants to be looking at a tomato with chapped lips.

I recommend Clarins every time for suncream, it smells dreamy and it helps to prevent wrinkles too. Plus the more you invest in your skin when you’re younger the less you’ll have to invest when you are older – who can argue with that.

3 – Eye Mask

A week in the mountains is a great opportunity to switch-off. There is nothing like a day on the slopes to help you forget your troubles. Part of that process for me includes topping up my beauty routine to get a little razzle-dazzle back into my skin.

For this trip, I used the Skin Republic Anti Dark Circles Brightening Eye Mask to get rid of those bad bags. There are three in each pack, and they recommend using two a week for the first month and then as required. I used one whilst away skiing and the effects were instant – after just 30 mins – it’s a miracle. Two weeks later and I’ve used my second mask, I can’t get over the instant improvement, the skin around my eyes is clear and beautifully dewy (if I say so myself).

I am not normally one for a selfie but I couldn’t help myself, I felt like I could join the Incredibles and also, my selfies document the miracle at work: application..

…rest for 30 mins (ideally with a good book), remove and rub in any excess serum.

4. Muscle Reboost

Well you are exercising all-day every-day after all, and for some of us, that’s quite a change for the body from the usual bed to desk routine. This year, I used Ragdale Hall Spa’s Muscle Reboost, also available at Marks & Spencers. The formula actually heats up your muscles to a point where they feel like they’re burning, it is the most unusual sensation but afterwards your muscles feel loose and ready for another day on the slopes. Truthfully, it became a little addictive. James & I both used this product all over our legs at the end of each day to help restore our muscles. I couldn’t recommend it more.


5 – Nourishing Body Moisturiser

Lastly, you need a good deep nourishing body moisturiser. I moisturise my body daily anyway but for ski trips I want something stronger as I tend to put my skin through its paces – freezing cold slopes to steam/sauna session in the spa – the extreme change in temperatures totally dries out my skin so it needs constant rehydration. Lately, I’ve been using the Sanctuary Spa Air-Whipped Crème Soufflé, also available at Boots. I am not loyal to any particular body moisturiser but I did get on well with this product on my ski trips this year.


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