Pairi Daiza, Belgium

It surprises people to learn that James & I have an annual pass to Pairi Daiza, Belgium’s zoo, but if you know us well, you’ll know it’s one of our favourite ways to spend a day

This is not our first time being annual pass holders, we also had annual passes to the Vienna Zoo too – so fancy, I know

Pairi Daiza is approximately 45 mins from central Brussels by car, I wouldn’t recommend visiting if you’re just in Belgium for the weekend, but it’s the perfect place to spend a Saturday or Sunday for a local or an expat, especially if you have kids or you’re big kids like us

The most wonderful element of Pairi Daiza is that the animals are housed on different “continents” as you explore the zoo and animals your explore the world too

Come take a look …


Oi, who you looking at?


King & Queen of the Zoo


We walked through the temples, which inspired memories from our Bali trip


Hard to believe these temples are in the middle of Belgium


Although the weather and my lack of “summer wear” are a bit of a giveaway


Spending time visiting both the African and Asian Elephants as they roam in the zoo’s adjacent and expansive fields is heartwarming, it is pleasing to know that they have plenty of space to walk and explore, it’s one of the things I really like about Praia Daiza



It’s like being on a mini safari


One of our main reasons for first visiting the zoo was to meet the newborn baby panda in the sacred forest, unfortunately for you, I couldn’t take any photos but I did get this cracking shot of me – true tourist




Most importantly the zoo is a place to have fun, which is made rather easy with their adult size climbing frames


James even conquered his fear of heights as we trapiez-ed over the trees and enchanted gardens


and small spaces to squeeze yourself into


Be warned, Pairi Daiza is huge, James and I clock up about 20,000 steps per visit, which is also – well in our opinion anyway – a great way to get some exercise, enjoy some fresh air and escape


An annual pass costs €54, a total bargain as it equates to just over the cost of two visits and I can confirm that we’ve been back twice since, practically making money

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