Summer in the City

Most weekend mornings in Brussels I wake up, turn to James and ask ‘what shall we have for breakfast’, and more often than not I normally mean, where shall we go for breakfast. I then follow to suitably suggest my favourite places, and usually after a guilt-free lie-in, there’s only one place on my mind Holy Bagels, a place I’ve mentioned before


This Summer, James and I tried to be active, especially after those bagels, and rented Velo Bikes (a bit like Boris bikes) to tour the city


Although we’d religiously end up cycling through Bois de la Cambre 


and stopping off for ice cream, well we deserved it by that point


Especially if we’ve been for a morning run, which we try to do at least once a weekend


Then we’d relax on our balcony soaking in some sun (when it appeared)


Before glamming up and sauntering down to our favourite restaurant, Cŏcīna


Simply perfect way to spend a summer’s day in Brussels

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