One Day in Spetses

This Summer James and I visit the infamous JC, who is now living in Athens, for a long weekend

Leaving JC to go to work, James & I, travelled to the island of Spetses for the day  – an island we didn’t visit when sailing around the Greek Islands in Summer 2015 (blog post 1 & 2)


tThe boat from Athens takes about two hours (not that cheap), and by getting the boat super early, we arrived in time for breakfast


Around the harbour, there are plenty of shops and restaurants, wanting to get a little off the beaten track, James and I wandered off along the coastline


 in search of the perfect frappe – oh the Greeks know what they’re doing when it comes it iced coffee, check out this glorious beast, and the view too


Despite the fact it was the morning, I didn’t care, my feta cheese cravings were on high so it was a Greek Salad for my breakfast and eggs for James


Then to the beach, paradise, and at  €14 for two front row beds, two hired towels and 1l Water, it was a bargain too


After a day in the sun, James and I visited Pátralēs restaurant which was highly recommended for it’s fresh fish, we knew we’d found a good restaurant, when we were sat next to a real life fisherman having their lunch, waders et all

The food was unbelievable, more greek salad, tzatziki, white bait and king prawns, I didn’t even stop to take photos, you’ll just have to go yourself & discover


After lunch we wandered and explored the island a little more


Then suddenly it was time for a sundowner, one last walk around the port before heading back to Athens arriving around 10.30pm

The Greek Islands are the perfect way to spend your holiday whether it’s one day or more, the sky & sea are shining blue, the people are very friendly and the food is always delicious regardless of how much it costs

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