Lunch in Athens

During our trip to Greece, we spent one day exploring Athens’ city centre, truly a hustle and bustle city, full of people and places, old and new


Having had a relaxed morning by the pool, we arrived just in time for lunch, JC took us to three-sixty, the drinks and food were great, but the view was spectacular


The rooftop terrace at three-sixty boasts a 360 view of the city funnily enough and is beautifully decorated with olive trees and flowers galore, which provide a natural shade without blocking the view


If in Athens, I recommend visiting this restaurant whether for a drink or a meal, but if you’re going in the midday sun like we did, make sure you take a hat


As recommended by the waiter, we tried a lovely local rose paired with antipasti plate and another greek salad (it’s an addiction)



Followed by another frappe, needed the caffeine to climb to the Acropolis


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  1. J says:

    great you loved my city!


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