Let’s Fly Away

I’ve started to find my holiday rhythm in life and it’s at least every three months whether it’s a long weekend away, a staycation or a week-long trip, a break has to be had

We are very fortunate in Brussels and in the UK that most companies offer employees at least 20 days’ paid annual leave per year as well as bank holidays, this gives us plenty of time to explore the world or stay close to home, but most importantly to take a break when needed

Unless off raving for the entire holiday, most people come back relaxed, refreshed and ready to give work more gumption, it’s a win-win

I know next year will pose some challenges as I am planning a longer trip in October, therefore I’ll have to be savvy with my holiday entitlement and try to make the most of the bank holidays offering those extra days –Β I’m learning to be holiday smart, whether you’ve got something booked or not, get the calendar out in January and check out those bank holidays

This year, I was able to perfectly spread out my breaks, having enjoyed our five day trip to Greece in June, by August, James & I were itching and ready for our next adventure


By flying from Brussels we were able to save on flight costs, which were a lot more in sterling and avoided travelling through the London airports in peak season, just a thought worth sharing

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