Escaping to Corsica

This month, James and I travelled to Corsica to spend a relaxing week in the mountains with my family

I’ve been visiting Corsica most years since I was a little girl as part of my family are from a local mountain village where our house is, and each August the young and the old flock back to enjoy some quality time together in this beautiful country


In the village, James and I take the opportunity to start each morning with a long run, made difficult by the scorching sunshine, winding roads and local livestock, before enjoying breakfast on the terrace with family

Typically after a long breakfast, we’d slip into our swimwear and drive down to the sea. Our favourite beach location is Ghisonaccia, whereas my parents prefer Plage D’Alistro. Both locations are about an hour from our village by car, but boy is it worth it, the sea is crystal blue and the sun is always shining bright, prime opportunity to lather on the suncream, get out the summer read and relax

When it gets too hot, James & I saunter down to Les Deux Mats in Ghisonaccia for some lunch and a little rose, well it is summer after all




After an ice cream or a sun downer at around 6pm ish it’s time to head back up the mountain to get ready and help prepare dinner

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