Climbing in Corsica

One of my favourite things to do in Corsica is to go hiking, especially when their is a natural pond or lake to swim in at the end

Each year we either visit old favourites or explore somewhere new

This year, my cousin took James & I to Corte to climb to Lac de Melu, a beautiful natural lake, at 1,710 metres, the climb starts with some easy uphill walking and soon changes into a more challenging climb with plenty rocks and little trees, it makes for a sweaty expedition







But the sweat and tears were worth it –  I jest, there were no tears – to arrive at such a beautiful destination, especially having worked hard to get there, you are pumped with adrenaline fuelled joy – clearly evidenced by my eagerness to jump into the beyond freezing waters


The coldness of the water, was an adrenaline hit itself


After a quick dip, we lounged by the water and enjoyed our picnic, before setting off downstream


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