Lunch in Honfleur

Earlier this year, I wrote about making the most of a long car journey, clearly my parents got the memo. Recently we organised a jam-packed weekend visiting family in France, which involved a lot of driving

Starting on the Friday evening, my parents & I drove to the Eurotunnel, snacked on sushi of course, and journeyed to a Holiday Inn somewhere on the Northern French coastline, where we met up with James who had driven from Brussels


The next day we travelled all over the North Western part of France visiting various family members, ending with a fabulous evening at my aunt’s house in Combourg enjoying fresh seafood. After our wonderful but busy weekend with family we headed back towards Calais for the Eurotunnel, but first food

We pulled off the motorway to the port town of Honfluer where the Seine river meets the English Channel to enjoy a little late lunch


We even dressed appropriately


The restaurants surrounding the port are very touristy but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve up a storm. We had lunch at Au Vieux Honfleur, would you believe Her Majesty the Queen of England has eaten there too, there’s even a plaque to commemorate the occasion

Being in such a traditional French location, I couldn’t resist the local cuisine, sizzling garlic snails


After lunch, we enjoyed a walk around the town. Honfleur is full of beauty, especially on this beautiful, it was easy to capture


Before long it was time to say goodbye to James and head back to the UK. Leaving Brussels at the beginning of the year was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made, and each Sunday evening, particularly after a wonderful weekend together, I get a heart wrenching pull of regret, so needless to say, I settled into my parents’ car and swiftly dropped off to sleep to avoid the emotions, because everything’s much easier to handle on a Monday morning

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