Dinner at The Delaunay

Can a restaurant be a lucky charm?

I’m not sure but that is how I feel about The Delaunay in London

It started a few years ago when I was going through a pretty rigorous interview process, The Delaunay was very close to the office and The Counter at The Delaunay became my pre-interview stop point, a quick coffee, sometimes a snack and a quiet pause to re-read my notes. In the end, I did not get that job, but that led me to Brussels and for that, I thank The Delaunay. Ok so maybe now you think I’m crazy so let me tell you about The Delaunay

The Delaunay is the perfect restaurant for pre-theatre dinner or for a special treat after work, the restaurant is old school London glamour and the food is something special too


I recently visited with my Mother and cousin for a pre-theatre dinner after work, where we enjoyed champagne served in elegant coupes and kedgeree, a favourite of mine, before sharing an apple strudel


Mum was pleased


The Counter at The Delaunay is a traditional Viennese café, a little like the bar counter in Schwarze Kameel in Vienna. Enjoy their open sandwiches or mouthwatering cakes galore: sachertorte, apple strudel or millefeuille

After our early dinner, we took a quick walk to the theatre to enjoy 42nd Street, a high energy, glitzy musical that is currently gracing the London theatre scene


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