How do you like your eggs in the morning?

What better way to start a weekend day with your friends or loved one than enjoying brunch, whether that’s popping down to an old favourite or cooking at home

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Last weekend, I wasn’t sure what I fancied for breakfast, but I knew I wanted eggs, after scanning through some favourite recipe books, I suggested two options for James and offered to make his preferred choice (what a girl, I know)

James selected the below from Jamie Oliver’s Superfood


Eggs in fresh and simple to make homemade baked beans served with ricotta cheese on wholemeal bread, whilst in the supermarket picking up the ingredients though, we couldn’t resist the idea of adding some mergez sausages (not so superfood)

The dish is easy to make, just follow the recipe to the minute, I find it helps to do all the prep first, then there is no faff



Once the eggs start to turn, it’s time to serve up the rest of the dish, adding your perfectly poached eggs last




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  1. I’m going to try this 👌


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