Day Tripping to Ghent

Shocked to discover that I have not written about visiting this wonderful city yet, especially as it’s become a regular Sunday trip for James & I when we have visitors, thanks to its proximity to Brussels – about 50 minutes by car, or 30 minutes by Train. Easy Peasy.

Similar to Bruges, Ghent is a port city north of Brussels, where the  Leie and Scheldt rivers meet. Ghent is well known for its University, 12th century medieval castle, and the beautiful architecture of the Belfry Tower and St Nicholas Church – which leave you mesmerised.


I haven’t had the chance yet, but just as in Bruges, during the summer months you can take a little boat trip on the rivers, which I think would be fantastic and a great way to see more of the city.


Otherwise, they’re perfect for enjoying a stroll along.


If unlike us, you make it to Ghent on a Saturday, or a weekday, you’ll also be able to visit the fantastic shops that cover the city centre – which is delightfully pedestrian only – I normally stare wishfully through the windows while James hollers my name to keep up.

If there is one thing you must do before you leave Ghent, pick up a Cuberdon, known as the Ghent Nose it’s a small cone shaped sweet with a tough shell and gooey centre. They’re a bit like marmite, you either love them or hate them, either way, they’re a must.


And from 8 December 2017 through to 7 January 2018, you can visit the Christmas market – as you may have gathered one of my favourite activities.


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