Terry 2.0

In my opinion, Christmas truly is the most magical time of year. I love every little damn thing about Christmas, every mince pie, every brussels sprout, every decoration, every tradition and every carol, I even love the slight haze of exhaustion slash enthusiasm I find myself balancing throughout December. Most importantly of course, I enjoy spending the time with loved ones, but that’s the big day, I’m talking more about the festive season.

Christmas truly begins when you get put up your tree. Ideally I’d like to get my tree up and decorated on the 1st December although James always puts forward the very strong and persuasive argument that if we buy our tree on the 1st it’s unlikely to last the whole month, so we settle and buy our tree on the 2nd.

You’ll recall last year, I introduced you to our family tradition of naming our tress, and our first ever Christmas Tree together that we named Terry.

This year, let me introduce Terry 2.0 – a lot smaller but just as loved – we even found an angel to put on the top and with all the decorations we collected last Christmas, and this year too, I think he was looking mighty festive.


I love our Terry the most in the evenings, when the lights sparkle and shimmer on the decorations, I feel at totally at peace whilst dozing on the sofa with James watching obligatory Christmas movies.


In this post, I also want to page homage to all the other wonderful Christmas Trees that form part of our Christmas this year and make the season sparkle.

Firstly, the fantastic and gigantic Christmas Tree that stands proud in Grand Place Bruxelles. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you visit the Brussels’ Christmas Market and enjoy the spectacular light show each evening in the electric Grand Place – you can check out a video here.


Next up, is the Eurostar’s Christmas Tree.

Having spent every Friday & Monday commuting back and forth between London and Brussels this month, this Tree became a symbol of the season and the exciting festivities that lay ahead when I checked in each Friday.


Thirdly, is the very sparkly tree – well I do work for a jewellery company – that I decorated at work, which stood pride of place in front of the London eye. Although once the tree was up we started to get that giddy ‘end of term’ feeling in to office.


Next up is the tree at the Westmorland Hotel in the Lake District. My parents, James and I stayed here on our way to Scotland and kicked off the festive season enjoying an evening drink next to the tree and in front of the fire place.


Lastly, is our family tree that stands pride of place each year at my Uncle & Aunt’s home in Edinburgh. It is the Tree that truly means it’s Christmas as I’ve spent the majority of my Christmas’ Days centered around this very tree – and it very much is this tree as it’s fake!


Wishing you all a wonderfully Merry Christmas wherever you may be!


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  1. All the best for 2018!

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