In January 2016, I moved to Brussels, the city I now call home, with my partner James. I set up this blog to share my new experiences with you: living in Brussels; exploring Belgium; life as an expat; learning to cook and other new ventures.

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  1. Hi Charlotte! So glad you dropped by my blog, and introduced me to yours. I haven’t been to much of Belgium yet; a few days in Brussels, then a few more in Bruges (oh, how I do love those chocolate truffles!!), so I look forward to reading more about your expat life there.


  2. Where are you from originally?:)

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  3. spekti says:

    Thanks so much for liking my blog entry, and lucky for me you did – I am now very much looking forward to reading all your musings about life among our Belgian cousins and their fascinating and wonderful country 😀


  4. erin says:


    I am the content editor for EasyExpat.com and have been following your blog since you listed it with us at BlogExpat. I think it would be great in our series of expat interviews. This would entail questions about being an expat, a few pictures, and it would link back to your blog.

    If you are interested, just let me know and I will send the questionnaire. In any case, keep up the good work!


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    1. antoa says:

      Hello Charlotte, thank you for your like on my Colonia Post and card. We have two things in common, being an expat – I am italian resident in Malta and actually sailing around the world !
      I also follow and doing cartoon for a expat website which you might be interested in Which is Expatclic.com
      Bye Antonella


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